Sunday, February 2, 2020

Kierrän vuoden - Tuija Takala #sponsored

Kierrän vuoden / Tuija Takala
Poetry. Seasons. A poem per week.

DESCRIPTION: Starting in January and ending in December, this book has one poem for every week of the year. 

LANGUAGE:  The poems are short and contain vocabulary related to weather, sensory information and holidays. The poetry section is 86 pages long and includes full page photographs for every month. The back of the book has discussion questions and activities for each poem. 

Although the poems sometimes includes vocabulary that is not common in everyday life and so may be unfamiliar even to an upper level reader, I recommend this book to all selkokirja readers A1 and above. Many of the poems are as short as 3 - 4 lines making them very accessible in a short time to any selkokirja reader and allowing short-term gratification in terms of both comprehension and enjoyment of reading. 

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: There are very few selkopoetry collections, this is one worth getting. While many year-round poetry collections in any language are geared towards children, this is written for adults (though many are also child-friendly!), making it the perfect book to curl up with in an armchair. It's a nice book to pick up once a week, or even once a month and read 4 poems in one sitting. Highly recommend! 5/5

Thanks to Opike for generously providing this book for review. You can purchase this book and many more from their website. You can also find excerpts and photographs from the book on Opike's website!