Sunday, April 16, 2023

Rambo / Nadja Suomanen selkomukautus Riikka Tuohimetsä #gift


YA. Summer cottage. Family.

STORY:  Rambo (yes, his real name) and his mom go to her new boyfriend's cottage for the summer.  Rambo has just finished eighth grade, has ADHD and lives alone with his mom. Mom Anna is depressed and switches boyfriends all the time.

This is a nice read for summer or spring. 

LANGUAGE: short chapters, big font, lots of white space. Each chapter begins with title description of chapter. Character list at the beginning of the book. Set mostly at summer cottage by a lake with a small village nearby. Near present.

Although the book discusses heavy topics, such as depression, the content is very pre-teen / teen friendly. Because this is a book for teens, it's not an easy read nor does it have illustrations. Neither it is a difficult read in terms of vocabulary and grammar, therefore I recommend this to B1 readers and up to ages 12+. 

This is a very fun book and it's great to get to know Rambo and all the other characters, their strengths and flaws. This is a great book to read and dream of summer vacation, sunshine and free time. I think teen readers will enjoy this as a nice, simple read with nothing heavy on the plate. Teachers and librarians will appreciate this as a book for upper grade readers as a go to read, regardless of reading background. 

Thanks to the author, Riikka Tuohimetsä for providing this book as a gift to Selkokirjat in Review.

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