Saturday, February 27, 2021

Muumipeikko ja Pyrstötähti / Tove Jansson selkomuokatus Jolin Slotte #sponsored


Middle Grade. Moomins. Fantasy.

STORY:  One fine morning, Muumipeikko and Nipsu decide to go off exploring. They walk farther than Muumipeikko has ever walked from his home and watch nervously around for danger lurking around every corner. Then they find the sea and Muumipeikko decides to become a pearl diver and collect pearls from the bottom of the sea floor while Nipsu looks on nervously. Nipsu goes off looking for something to collect pearls in when he stumbles upon a cave. 

This is one of the early classic Moomin tales, featuring and introducing many of the well known characters. It's a great intro into the Moomin world and really showcases the characters and settings and atmosphere Jansson is well known for. 

LANGUAGE: At just over 100 pages, the book is divided into 13 chapters. These chapters are further broken down into sections separated by stars and illustrations. While the descriptions and dialogue are simplified from the original version, Jansson's whimsical tone shines through in the situations and interactions between the characters. 

Due to it's cultural history and popularity, I would consider this book suitable for any A2 or above level. While there will be words to look up, many word are repeated throughout the stor making the learning curve reasonable. There are also sections where few to no words may need to be looked up, making this an enjoyable read rather than a study in grammar and vocabulary.

CHARACTERS: The beginning of the book includes an illustrated character guide. This may be particularly helpful to those readers who have already read Moomin stories in their own languages. Included are Muumipeikko, Muumipappa ja Muumimamma, Nuuskamuikkunen, Nipsu, Niisku, Niiskuneiti, Piisamirotta and Hemuli and his stamps. 

Which is your favorite Moomin character?

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK:  The Moomins are one of the biggest shining stars (pun intended) in Finnish literature. Beloved by children and adults alike, it's almost essential to read a Moomin book if you are interested in immersing yourself in Finnish culture. This is a great book for readers of any age. Because it's early in the Moomin series, it provides a great introduction to the world and characters. Pick up a copy and get to know the Moomins!

Thanks to Opike for generously providing this book for review! You can purchase this book and more from their website, #sponsored