Wednesday, December 14, 2016


In this blog you will find reviews of selkokirjat (easy-to-understand Finnish books) from the perspective of an immigrant to Finland. I believe that selkokirjat are underappreciated and many people are hesitant to pick one up, borrow or read one based on false misconceptions or complete lack of information about selkokirjat in general or reviews of specific titles. I am here to break any misconceptions and to provide reviews of specific titles. While you might find a book review of two of selkokirjat, they will most likely be written by a native Finnish speaker. This blog will provide reviews from an immigrant to Finland, someone to whom the book's audience is often intended. Therefore, it is my belief that these reviews will be more applicable to potential readers. While selkokirjat have a wide range of audience (Finnish as non-native language, those with reading disorders, those with physical challenges such as vision disabilities, etc.), this website is focused on selkokirjat and Finnish as non-native language audience. All books I review will be from my local library system in Oulu, Finland.

A bit about me
I am a native English speaker and have lived in Finland since 2011. My current language level (as determined by YKI test from two years hence) is B2.2. When I read a selkokirja I look up most, but not all, of the words I don't know while reading. I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Science and specialize in Reader's Advisory.

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