Thursday, March 9, 2017

Heppapoika - Jaana Levola

STORY: Siri and Jiri are 9 year old twins. One day Siri brings home from school a flier advertising "Pony Day" at a nearby stable. Siri is horse crazy and her best friend at school already knows how to ride, so she really wants to go. Boys are invited to the pony day too, but Jiri is not so sure he wants to go. Ponies are for girls, he thinks, and he'd rather spend time on the family computer anyway.

This is a great book for all young readers and also for horse lovers of all ages! This book contains children-friendly content.

CHARACTERS: Siri is horse crazy and really wants to go to Pony Day, especially since her best friend will be there. Jiri does not want to go and thinks ponies are for girls. Niilo is about from the stables, who has his own pony.

Young girl readers will be drawn to Siri and her love for ponies. Young boy readers will be more sympathetic with Jiri.

LANGUAGE: This book contains a lot of horse and riding vocabulary. Most of the book is written in standard book Finnish, though a few words of conversational Finnish are thrown in. The book is easy to understand although a dictionary in the last few chapters may be needed. Appropriate for all ages.

I read each chapter in 10 minutes or less, while using an online dictionary for reference. I recommend this book to a minimum A2.1 levels though all reading levels will enjoy it, especially for the horse related vocabulary.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: This is a short, simple, fun book for everyone. It's family friendly and can be read in spare time. The characters are very human and expressed well, and the ending is great. 4/5

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