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Reidar Särestöniemen Maailma / Särestöniemi-museo

Rediar Särestäniemen Maailma / Särestöniemi-museo

Non-fiction. Art. Lapland.


Reidar Särestöniemi ((1925 - 1981) was an artist from a small village in Lapland whose art is internationally recognized. The Särestöniemi Museum is located in his family home and studio in Lapland, near Kittilä. A local children's instructor for special needs children contacted the museum and following the idea that "art is for everyone," asked how the museum could be brought to the children. The result is this selkokirja about the artist and his art, so that everyone can learn about him and see his works, even if they can't visit the museum in person.


The language in this book is from A1 - C. 

At just over 100 pages, the book is filled with full page and dual-pages images with chapters on various subjects, including direct quotes from Reidar Särestöniemi. It also includes a small brochure which includes much of the text from the book without the images.

A - In the spirit of art is for everyone, anyone can look through the pages of the book and see Särestöniemi's art and pictures of him, his family and Lapland. Many of the images have bolded text next to them, with questions for the reader to think about the art or topics such as seasons and animals.

B - In addition to the art and images, the book includes short chapters with large font text on various topics, such as Reidar's studies and nature. At just 1-3 pages (containing 1-5 paragraphs), these texts are very accessible to a B level reader.

C - This book contains many direct quotations from Reidar Särestöniemi and he speaks in a heavy dialect. While speaking his quotes out loud may help in understanding better, understanding various dialects requires more upper level knowledge and experience.


Reidar Särestöniemi was born and lived in a small village in Lapland. While the rest of his family were farmers, Reidar was often found shirking his chores and drawing instead. His family supported him and he went on to study art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and went on to tour the world, sharing his art with people around the world in Europe, Africa and Asia. Even President Kekkonen came to visit his studio in Lapland in 1975 and they shared a sauna together. These are just the facts about Reidar Särestöniemi and much more about his life, beliefs and art can be found in this selkokirja.


This book is for everyone. Art is for everyone and for those who don't have a chance to visit museums, near or far, this is an excellent way to step inside a museum from the comfort of your own living room. This is a good way to learn more about who's who from Finland, and especially northern Finland. The book speaks a lot of nature, especially from Lapland, and contains excellent art and descriptions of nature throughout the year. Art, nature, love, sorrow, homesickness, these are themes that anyone can understand and find within the pages of this book. 

Thanks to the Särestöniemi museum for making this book possible.

The website for the museum can be found here

Särestöntie 880
99110 Kaukonen 

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