Saturday, February 5, 2022

Opi neulomaan / Anna Vasala


Opi neulomaan / Anna Vasala

Nonfiction. Selkokirja. Knitting.

DESCRIPTION: In this selkokirja knitting book, Anna Vasala introduces readers to knitting terms, including supplies and techniques. She walks readers through selecting a project, beginning to knit and different techniques. Included are a few basic projects.

LANGUAGE: The book has large full color photographs, which really help to show detail in how knitting needles and yarn is held, and where the needle is placed in different movements. Using the information in the book, anyone can knit projects from this book and also use the information to pick out projects from elsewhere and still be able to understand knitting instructions. I honestly think that all beginning knitters, including native Finnish speakers, should use this book when starting out, as it condenses all the essential information into a compact package. 

I have always said that if you are learning a new language, you should read what interests you. Whether that's cooking, outer space, or knitting. If a subject is interesting to you personally, you'll be more likely to focus on the reading and pick up new vocabulary. Because of that I am recommending this book to all levels starting from A1. 

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: You should read this book if you have never knit and want to learn how. You should read this book if you have been knitting for decades as it is always helpful to see and learn how other people knit - whether the needles are held the same way, whether stitches are knit and purled in the same way - and possibly learn a new ways to knit! 

Highly recommended 5/5

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