Monday, June 27, 2022

Vaarallinen Juhannus / Tove Jansson, selkomukautus Jolin Slotte #sponsored

Middle grade. Moomins. Juhannus.

STORY: On a hot summer day, the Moomins enjoy their afternoon on the porch in a rocking chair or near the pond. When floodwater begins to come and enter the Moomin's house, they all begin to wonder what kind of Midsummer will they have.

Another classic Moomin tale that introduces some famous characters 

LANGUAGE: The book is just over 100 pages. There are 12 chapters, with sections broken down between scenes and dialogue. Lots of black and white illustrations are included, which help with potential new vocabulary. The atmosphere and setting are important in this book, alongside character behavior and individual character storylines.

While this is a kid's book, a lot of complex events and scene changes happen in the book. I definitely encourage any reader A1.1 and up to try out a chapter, I would suggest this book as a whole more for level A1.3 and above. While there are repeating words as the story progresses, a lot of new vocabulary is added in even halfway through the book.

CHARACTERS: A character guide is included in the front with all of the major characters in the book. This is very helpful to refer to, especially when certain characters do not appear or are unveiled until later in the book.

If you collect the Muumin chocolate eggs during Easter, you may recognize some of the side characters!

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: The Moomins are a Finnish classic and it's worth reading at least one book in the series. This is a fun book to read in spring, right around Juhannus and to compare and contract modern Midsummer to the Moomin's version. This book is a great way to meet new side characters and the enjoy the original characters and their own quirks. There's some good vocabulary especially related to weather and the theatre.

Thanks to Opike for generously providing this book for review! You can purchase this book and more from their website, #sponsored

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