Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kiepaus / Vuokko Hurme, selkomukautus Hanna Männikkölahti #gift

 Middle grade. Spec fic. Chicken.

STORY: 10 year old Lenna lives in the city of Kardum with her mother, father, little sister and chicken. Everyone gets around by using cables and zip lines because the world is quite literally upside down.

This is a very original plot that's not too heavy on the sci-fi and is great for the imagination. 

LANGUAGE: This is a longer middle grade book at just over 100 pages, but there are short chapters, big font, wide margins, lots of white space and black and white illustrations throughout. Essential illustrations are a map of the city, a map of the block building where Lenna lives and character profiles. The vocabulary is not difficult and new words for readers are likely ones they'd come across in daily life. 

Because of the dystopian plot that requires some world building and book length, I would recommend this to B level readers - those beyond Emma ja Eetu but standard middle grade books are just beyond reach.

CHARACTERS: Lenna, a girl, likes pancakes made from flies and eggs, fresh water and practicing zip lining in empty apartments. She's never touched the ground, the sun is below her and she has to be careful around open windows, because if she would fall out, she would disappear for good.

Cheers for Newton the chicken.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: If you are looking for a selkokirja that has more depth than an average easy reader book, this is it. The imagined world is amazing and readers can try to imagine what daily life would be like while living in a world tipped upside down. If adult readers have read any of Hanna Männikkölahti's other books, such as Yösyöttö, the illustrator is the same (Ina Majaniemi) and the book provides the same cozy reading moments. This book is thrilling but not scary and Lenna shows her maturity as well as her childish innocence. 

Thanks to the author, Hanna Männikölahti for providing this book as a gift to Selkokirjat in Review.

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